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Christina Renée Joubert is an explorer of life, self, purpose, people, passion, and meaning. She’s an empowerment speaker and doer, a believer, hoper, dreamer, and manifestation-maker. She’s also an intuitive, empath, visionary, and, most often, a mere mortal who happens to really walk the walk and talk the talk.

As an author, teacher and survivor, Christina seeks and speaks the truth. She invites others to live an authentic, expansive life by candidly sharing her own journey and how it’s shaped her. She reveals every facet of her life with humor, grace, tears, and authenticity. Christina tells stories of being a fourteen-year-old crystal meth amphetamine addict; graduating from continuation high school because she was kicked out of traditional high school; leaving her marriage with a 10-month old baby; her struggle with alcohol, cigarettes, and escaping; being a broken soul with no love for self; and her journey of learning to love herself, her life, her son, and her pain with unapologetic determination and pride.

Christina’s style of sharing is candid, vulnerable, generous, and raw. She believes secrets become the lies we tell ourselves and others, so she chooses to simply tell the truth about everything. By doing so, she gains freedom. Christina also believes secrets take up the space between us where intimacy could reside. So instead of choosing to create space, she chooses to get intimate with everyone in every moment of every day, stepping into the space in between, the space that separates us from each other. Every speech she gives, every word she writes—at every opportunity, she gives of herself in service to humanity, truth and love.

When Christina’s not doing, sharing, meditating, believing, encouraging, dreaming, loving, crying, speaking, laughing, writing, and hugging . . . she’s probably sleeping and looking forward to the next day and all that she can learn and undoubtedly share.  🙂

She is the The Spiritual Mediator, author of When Soulmates Unite – Learning to Love Ourselves from the People Who Can Hurt Us the MostFounder & CEO of Teaching the World to Love, and a proud mommy to a beautiful little boy.

Christina lives in Redondo Beach, California, with her son and all the magic, power, wonder, and light of a life well-lived and love well-given and received.

She invites you to join her on The Search for Meaning to share her aha moments, meditations, blogs, and inspiration.  You can follow her on her social sites (below) or sign up for the Guided Inspiration Blog.  You may also write her directly at .

Below are a few personal tidbits about Christina.  Read on.  Love on.

And, please always remember: you are worthy and you are loved.


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Favorite color:


Favorite combo of colors:

Orange and Teal/Aqua

Number of times I cry each day:

At least three times. Every day. Honest. And I love it.

Top three things that make me cry:

  1. Thinking about my dad and other dearly departed souls, including my angels, guardians, spirit guides, and the ascended masters; reminders of how deep my connection is to Self and the Universe.
  2. Thinking about my son and how honored I am to be his mother.
  3. Thinking about how blessed I am to wake up each day and feel inspired to hurt, laugh, cry, love, try, dream, believe, write, explore my feelings, and to live this life.

Favorite movie:

No clue. I love any movie that inspires me, makes me feel, and reminds me of important things in life, like loving, growing, learning, overcoming and laughing.

Favorite thing to do:


Favorite things to do while loving:

Search for the meaning in life, write, hike, dream, believe, laugh, camp, explore everything, trying new things, meditate, be anywhere at any time with my son, learn more about myself and others

What scares me most:

Never trying that which I desire to do.

Last miracle I witnessed:

A single kiss that tore down walls of separation, fear, pain, betrayal, and gave way to a new way to love, honor, nurture, and be. (At least I thought so! Lol) 🙂

Best description of a miracle:

Anything that inspires us, however big or small. I find the energy of miracles in everything, such as the flower that offers its beauty and fragrance, and perseveres against all odds.  My son’s smile is a miracle, the way he smiles first thing in the morning as he crawls out of bed, carries his blankey and his water bottle to me, hops up in my lap, wraps his arms around my shoulders, and tunes in for our morning hug. Our bond is a miracle—how we trust it, and how we both look for ways to stay connected to that bond, celebrate it, and honor it.

What did you do on your best/favorite birthday celebration?

On my 37th birthday, I went to a kids’ fun park with my son and family and raced go-carts, climbed a rock wall, and played miniature golf. That was my favorite birthday celebration. I felt free and laughed the entire night.

Political affiliation:

Human rights, civil rights, universal equality—no matter your color, creed, gender, sexual orientation, sexual identity, etc. I believe that if you breathe, bleed, and are human, you have the same rights as the next person who breathes, bleeds, and is human. Period. (And I don’t want to save in income taxes if my saving is at the expense of causes and people I care about.)

Belief in God?

With every fiber of my being. I pray to God daily (often many, many, many times per day).

Favorite song:

I love so many songs, I couldn’t possibly choose a favorite. Now ask me what my favorite songs are when I’m feeling beaten down and I can give you a list.

Favorite songs when feeling beaten down:

“Never Gonna Let You Down” by Colbie Caillat, “Fight Song” by Rachel Platt, “Girl on Fire “by Alicia Keys, and the entire 1988 self-debut album Tracy Chapman, but, most notably, “Fast Car,” “Talkin’ Bout a Revolution,” “Across the Lines,” “She’s Got Her Ticket,” and “If Not Now.”

These songs helped me when I started on my journey of learning to love myself and they continue to help me when I need to call upon the strength to be brave, uplift my tired or hurt Spirit, and carry on. Bruised sometimes but always determined to get back up and keep moving forward.

Favorite time of day:

Between three o’clock and five o’clock in the morning. It’s a magical time for me.

What do I hope people will get from reading When Soulmates Unite – Learning to Love Ourselves from the People Who Can Hurt Us the Most?

Through the sharing of my life, my opportunities, circumstances, and ability to rise above it all and heal, grow, and evolve, I hope to help people see their own lives, their own circumstances and opportunities, and discover their own ability to ascend and expand.

How do I wish people will feel reading the book?

I don’t know how the book will make people feel, but if I could choose one word, it would be “connected.” This could mean a deeper connection to their own life, a connection to the meaning of life, to their purpose, their happiness, their pain, their future. Any type of connection they need. If I could choose two words, I’d add “enlightened.” Three words, I’d add “empowered.” And four words, I’d add “loved”. Oh, so loved. 🙂

Christina Renee Joubert
Christina Renee Joubert
Christina Renee Joubert
Christina Renee Joubert
Christina Renee Joubert

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