The I Choose Love Project. A Film About Choosing Love - Even When It's Hard To


Capturing Inspiration Through a Loving and Compassionate Lens

Hidden in the Name of Love


In this film, we will explore socially accepted forms of intolerance — tracing the scientific roots of these intolerances (to a place that will surprise you!) and uncovering in today’s day and age all the various forms of socially accepted intolerance that plague our nation and are fracturing the very foundation of our country and our world.​

We will engage age-old doctrines, probe new age philosophies and address the many teachings available throughout time and space to provide tangible, measurable, concrete answers to these three questions:

1) How did we move so far away from the teachings of compassion, tolerance, forgiveness and love for all?

2) Why should we want to get back in alignment?​

3) What steps do we each need to take — as individuals who are a part of the collective whole —  to get back in alignment?


To ensure a balance of content and character, this film will not only be steeped in science and doctrine but it will also be rich in humanity and provide the practical steps we all can take to reclaim the power of our happiness and the power of our love.

The film will include facts and revelations told from various points-of-view and it will also include the stories of life, love and the pursuit of happiness from people just like you: people who desire to live in a loving, tolerant and peaceful world but feel powerless and helpless as to how to.​

We will explore this sense of helplessness, we will probe the sources of these frustrations, and we will help each person to find the personal peace and personal freedom found in choosing love over socially acceptable forms of hate.​

This film will not only change you. It will open you. Expand you. Heal you. Reveal you. And it will remind you of your own capacity to love yourself and one another with persistence, compassion, conviction and grace.​

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