Finding Personal Peace in Times of Political Chaos

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Finding Personal Peace in Times of Political Chaos

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Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to find personal peace in times of political chaos? What if I proved to you that the political chaos we are currently experiencing is actually an invitation to deepen our resolve to show up in peace?

It’s a rather perplexing suggestion: Chaos is an invitation to find more peace. Here are a few more perplexing suggestions: Hate is an invitation to offer more love. Intolerance is an invitation to offer more tolerance. Volatility is a test of faith over fear and attempts to divide are tests of our capacity to unite.

The problem is that because we don’t recognize the universal characteristics that are at play, we are consciously being baited by forces intent on dividing us and we are unknowingly taking the bait. Hook. Line. And Sinker.

And we are dividing.

To try and combat the “noise” of ALL the current political regimes , I’ve taken clips from a class I taught recently titled Finding Personal Peace in Times of Political Chaos.

There is no bashing going on, there is no party-line. Who you voted for doesn’t matter here.  There is only an invitation to explore the reasons why we are experiencing this time of such chaos, polarization, tension and divide and I offer suggestions for what we each of us can do to lessen the divide and show up for the life we want to live.  At the center of it all is the offering of love and compassion — even for those whom we don’t believe are worthy of our compassion or our love.

If you want to live in a tolerant, kind, compassionate and loving society, these are a must watch.

I should warn you, I come on strong in these and I don’t mince words.  And it is all in the name of love.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”
~ Newton







There is meaning in everything and everyone.

Search for it.

With hopes for a new day and a new way to love,

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