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Video Series: Understanding Hate – Through Tolerance, Love & Forgiveness

September 15, 2017

 — Learning to Love from Those Who Hate —

Have you ever wondered why some of us hate? Why there are humans among us who connect with hate or racism as a way of being and a way of living and loving? Have you ever wondered if you yourself could become more tolerant—not just of those who think or believe as you do, but even of those who don’t?


If so, please take fifteen minutes to watch this video about understanding hate. The video is Part One of a three-part series of a casually recorded conversation with a man I met about a month ago while I was out on a walk, shortly after the incidents in Charlottesville, Virginia. He’s covered in swastika tattoos. And yet, the minute I met him on the sidewalk above the ocean blue, I knew I would love him, and that there was much that he was placed before me to teach me, not just about hate, but also about love.

My heart opened wide at “hello,” and as we talked, I opened fully and completely to hear his truth without judgment and without shame. I’m so thankful I did because what I learned is that despite the thirty-three swastikas that adorn his body, he’s spent the last few years trying to learn how to love.

I wouldn’t have known that had I judged or shamed him at first site. What I thought when I first saw him was, Oh boy, buckle up, Christina. You’re getting ready for a crash course in learning more about love.

I knew he would teach me more about love because I’ve learned that as we begin to increase our own understanding of why people hate, we’re given the opportunity to increase our own capacity for tolerance and love. And as our tolerance increases, so, too, does the tolerance of others around us.

As we raise our vibration toward those who hate, we stop giving away the power of our happiness, our peace, our tolerance, and our current and past ancestral pain. We also stop giving away our capacity to love and be loved.  And thus, we stop being a part of the problem, a part of the divide we’re endeavoring to close.

Instead, we become a part of the solution, a part of the change we want to see in the world, a part of the healing that needs to happen so that one day we can awaken to realize that we all have stories and we all have journeys. We all have reasons why we believe what we believe. Our differences don’t have to separate us. Our differences can unite us.

This man and I are courageously stepping into the divide, the love, tolerance, peace, and compassion that we endeavor to see in the world. We’re stepping into the vulnerability and authenticity that make a human soul feel alive and whole. And we’re stepping into the truth of what “united we stand” looks like and feels like.

It feels amazing. I’m honored to walk the streets with this man and to call him a soulmate and a friend.

Johnny is his name.

If you feel safe and inspired, please close your eyes as you listen to our conversation so you can truly hear. And if you feel guided, please also forward on this post and video.



I’m sending warmth to you all – as well as prayers, love and light.  May your hearts fill with love for yourself, your family, your enemies and all of mankind. We are all souls journeying together and desperately trying to find peace – and we all come to the party with very different experiences of what causes us discord. love you.

With blessings, love and light,



P.S. If you feel guided, check out the post I wrote a while back about Loving Someone You Hate. It’s one of the most powerful posts I’ve ever written and tuning into the energy of my words has helped me to continue to heal myself as well as countless others. xoxo


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