When Soulmates Unite Book



Learning to Love Ourselves from the People Who Can Hurt Us the Most

An honest, transparent narrative chronicling Christina Renee’s emotional journey of learning to love herself through the power and significance of soulmates and the joy, pain, and growth these relationships bring forth. Christina relives her story of being married with a newborn, and having everything she’d dreamed of, yet feeling such a nagging sense of sadness and lack that she left her marriage in search of more.

Through Christina’s own wisdom and vulnerability, she shows us that soulmates don’t just come into our lives to love us in the ways we think we need to be loved; they come into our lives to free us from the shackles that bind us to our old conditional ways of loving and living. They come to break down our egos, crack open our hearts, and bring us to our knees with their love, and with the pain, fear, faith and truth their love brings forth. In so doing, our soulmates give us the opportunity to evolve and become closer to the kind of unconditional love we all dream of — but only if we’re open enough to realize the lessons our soulmates have come to teach us and courageous enough to learn them.