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Safe Souls & Our Evolution

[raw, vulnerable, unedited]

As I’ve evolved through life, I’ve come to realize how much more I can evolve based on the people with whom I surround myself with.

Prior to the beginning of my personal journey of learning to love myself, I spent most of my life surrounded by people who needed me and people for whom I needed to be needed. I spent most of my life depending on others to validate me not just as a human being but as a human being who was worthy of being loved.

And as a result, I spent most of my life feeling lost, alone, empty, longing and silently wishing that I could die so that I could be remembered.

Truth is, I didn’t know then what I know now. I didn’t know then that life didn’t need to be so hard and so burdensome. I didn’t know then, that friends could lift me up and not just bring me down. I didn’t know then that relationships could feel inspiring and intensely loving and not just empty, fear-filled and painful.

And I didn’t know that the people with whom I surrounded myself made a difference in the experience of my life and the evolution of my soul.

On the June 1, 2018 live broadcast of The Truth Teachings (below)I get really, really, raw and vulnerable with you and share a part of my story I’ve never shared on camera before — shedding another aspect of my personality that no longer serves me to hold onto.  I also talk intimately about how the people with whom we surround ourselves can make a difference in the evolution of our souls. And I give you tips for connecting to the meaning that each soul brings forth so that you can continue on your journey of healing, evolving, and blowing your own mind with your brilliance.


Here’s to the journey, my friend. And not having to journey alone.

Deeply in love with love,

P.S.  Food for thought: The people in our lives who challenge us are offering us the opportunity to become better because they push every last one of our buttons and scrape deeply at the reflection of our soul.  They are either here to provide lessons we’ve yet to learn (showing us an area where we are still wounded) or provide confirmation of the lessons we’ve already learned (showing us where we have already healed/grown).  Our response to their stimuli determines what their purpose is in our lives.  xoxoo

P.P.S. Join us for our next Instagram LIVE broadcast.  These truth teachings happen every weekday at noon (pacific time).  Simply click on the link below + follow me on Instagram and set a alarm so you’re reminded when I go live.


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Christina Joubert

A truth teacher and energy healer with the natural-born ability to turn darkness into light.

Christina is also The Spiritual Mediator, Founder & CEO of Teaching the World to Love, author of When Soulmates Unite – Learning to Love Ourselves from the People Who Can Hurt Us the Most; creator of The I Choose Love Project; and a proud mommy to a beautiful little boy.

As a natural-born energy healer, Christina understands that she was given great gifts and therefore has great responsibility to use those gifts responsibly and for the betterment of humanity.

As a truth teacher, Christina is able to see past the discomfort of life and is attuned to seeing the higher perspective in every situation. In providing her students with the higher purpose for why they have the experiences they have, her students begin to shift their energetic connection to the experiences. Her students move out of a place of dependency/shame/anger/fear and into a place of personal power and strength.

The wisdom she cultivates from this higher “knowing” coupled with her energy healing abilities helps her students to quickly breakthrough whatever blocks they’ve had to healing, progress or transformation. And, before they know it, they are seeing life differently, responding to life differently and feeling different in their own skin.


Christina’s signature Truth Teaching + Healing classes are her pride and joy and were created with three specific goals: 1) break down any barriers to change 2) begin the transformation process quickly and 3) make POWERFUL and LIFE-CHANGING transformations accessible to all.

Each class offers a unique combination for personal growth utilizing Christina’s signature 6-prong approach for lasting transformation: Heal the Energy + Empower the Person + Awaken the Potential + Comfort the Mind + Honor the Spirit + Love without Conditions.

Christina believes in the power of the human spirit, the potential of each person and that as we heal ourselves, we heal one another.

Christina has a gift to heal and was placed here to share it.

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