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Healing the Hate and Bridging the Divide

Feeling love and joy — without fear of losing it — is our birthright.

This is my belief. This belief does not only extend to those who are loving or kind toward me. I believe this is a birthright — granted to all people — regardless of how different or similar our belief-structures may be.

And this belief drives one of my passions: healing hate and bridging the divide.

As such, I will go wherever there are groups or communities in conflict over issues related to hate (in all forms), race, intolerance, fear, injustice, ancestral pain, religion, politics etc.  I will go to mediate the tension and create a platform for differences to be examined, honored, understood, heard and healed.

This is a part of my personal peace, world peace and Teaching the World to Love work and so depending on the event, location and circumstance, I endeavor to do this work as often as possible and for free.

If you have a need in your community please contact me directly to discuss.

Please also check out our work at The I Choose Love Project and check out the videos below.

Love is,

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