ONE-ON-ONE SPIRITUAL MEDIATION with Christina Renée Joubert, The Spiritual Mediator
Teaching the World to Love


Breaking Down the Barriers Between You and the Life You Want to Live

Christina Renée Joubert - 1:1 healing

Some people desire a personalized and laser-focused approach to working through problems and transformation. If that describes you, these virtual one-one-one sessions may be for you.

These sessions are designed to break down the barriers that are in between you and the life you want to lead so that you can invite in the types of experiences, feelings and relationships you want to have.

As a truth teacher, I am able to see past the discomfort of life and I’m attuned to seeing the higher purpose/perspective in every situation. In providing people with the higher purpose for why they have the experiences they have, people begin to shift their energetic connection to the experiences. And my clients move out of a place of dependency/shame/anger/fear and into a place of personal power and strength.

The wisdom from this higher “knowing” coupled with my natural-born energy healing ability to turn darkness into light helps students to break through whatever blocks they’ve had to healing, progress or transformation.

And before they know it, they are seeing life differently, responding to life differently and feeling different in their own skin.

My one-on-one coaching is for:

Anyone who is ready for change

Anyone who is ready to learn and feel just how powerful they are

Anyone who is ready to feel inspired by life

Anyone who is ready to stop living a life of lack, loss, fear and shame

Anyone who is ready to experience a life of constant love, joy, happiness, and peace


It’s important to note that all of my work has a spiritual and energetic component. What this means is that there is an element to my teachings that involves energy — the repression of it, the movement of it, the release of it and the receiving of it.

Just like a thought carries energy, so too do our memories, pasts, hurts, fears, etc. In order to release the grip that these old energies have on us, we must be willing to release the energy associated with them. In almost every session, I take my clients through some sort of an energy exercise that leaves them feeling relaxed, whole, lighter, at ease, complete.

Regardless of the reason for the session, in each session we dive deeply into you so that you can understand your life, understand your pain and begin to heal the places that are ready to heal.

Feeling love and joy — without fear of losing it — is your birthright.

Here’s what other people are saying:

If this resonates, book a session below. All sessions can be conducted using an online video call and can be accessed on any device, anywhere in the world.

The world needs you to shine your light like only you can.

P.S. If you’re feeling stuck or simply not sure of what keeps you from living the life you want to live, not to worry. Sourcing blocks and transforming lives is my speciality.  I’ll find the blocks for you.  🙂

In love with love,