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True, authentic, soul-filling happiness

The kind of love that most only dream of

The courage to stand in your own, beautiful light

Your purpose in life and a deeper, more meaning-filled life

A more authentic love for yourself and others

The bold, beautiful sound of your inner voice and your truth

Peace in the chaos, unrest and disharmony


Anyone who’s curious about or ready to live an expansive life full of meaning, wonder, joy, gratitude, purpose, and love.

You’ve come to the perfect place if you are single, dating, married or simply tired of dating (or marrying!) the same “kinds of people”.

If you’re ready to learn how to foster a deeper appreciation for what you have and attract more of what you want, this is for you.

Christina Renée Joubert

Intuitive Healer, Teacher, Writer & Mother

Hi, I’m Christina Renée and here are my big promises to you:

You can have the kind of life and love you’ve always dreamed of. You can live an expansive and inspired life. You can heal yourself. You can heal others. You can choose the people you want in your life and you can choose how these people make you feel. You can feel pain and use it as a guide to heal. You can feel joy without fear of losing it. You can transcend your upbringing. You can blow your own mind with your brilliance. You can love without conditions and you can be loved unconditionally.

I believe in you. I believe in the power of love. And I believe that as we heal ourselves, we heal one another.

Let me show you how . . .

WHEN Soulmates UNITE

Learning to Love Ourselves from the People Who Can Hurt Us the Most

When Soulmates Unite by Christina Joubert

An honest, transparent narrative chronicling Christina Renee’s emotional journey of learning to love herself through the power and significance of soulmates and the joy, pain, and growth these relationships bring forth. Christina relives her story of being married with a newborn, and having everything she’d dreamed of, yet feeling such a nagging sense of sadness and lack that she left her marriage in search of more. Learn more…

Quotation Mark


“Your book chronicles a remarkable journey. Your writing is so honest and raw that, at times, the emotions feel physically tangible.”
“You’re witty and pure in your reflection of emotion and thoughts, and your style is so natural, it’s as though we’re sitting with a cup of tea, sharing time and the connection that tends to build after years of friendship.”
“Finding true self is not something many people have attained. Your love and desire to share your path with others so that they, too, may experience this evolution is truly a remarkable gift.”


Vulnerable, Authentic, Generous, Raw

The Spiritual Mediator

Healing the Hearts and Minds of People Everywhere


Teaching the World to Love

This is a WORKSHOP and HEALING unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.
In this course, participants are taken on a 33-day journey of life-changing revelations; Mind, Body & Soul expansion; AND whole-body energetic healing.
Participants learn the connection between their codependent ways and the beauty that is their empathic heart.  Participants also begin to break the cycle of codependency and begin to heal the energy associated with why they’ve needed to be dependent on other people and why other people have always been dependent on them.
This is truly a life changing course; you will transform or you can 100% of your money back.
Learning to Accept the Gifts Our Soulmates Offer
This is a free consultation + healing. Perhaps you have a quick question, are feeling a bit lost, are tired of having the same experiences over and over again and/or need a jolt of inspiration/energetic healing.
This 30 minutes is for you to receive whatever it is your spirit needs and determine what, if anything, your spirit may need going-forward.
*Only available to new clients/apprentices.  All calls are hosted via online video chat.
My mediation and healing services are designed to work one-on-one with anyone who is experiencing circumstances in their life that they’d like to understand, change, or heal; the situation can be acute or nagging.
Perhaps you are endeavoring to love yourself or wanting to feel worthy. Maybe you’re having issues with your partner, your children or your employer and you need a safe place to explore what’s happening, to gain/shift your perspective, learn, heal, grow and/or forgive.
Whatever the experience you wish to change, my end goal is simple: I am here to heal you and then teach you how to heal yourself.
Depending on the time booked and your need, this will either be a process of discovery and healing or it will be an acute mediation and healing.
*All sessions completed via online video chat.
When Soulmates Unite – Learning to Love Ourselves from the People Who Can Hurt Us the Most
All sessions are designed for anyone who is ready to live a prosperous, loving and abundantly happy life.
Each session will be customized to fit your specific needs and whatever you and your spirit is ready to heal/release.  All sessions are completed via online video chat, including healings, energy releases and meditations.
You may choose to book multiple sessions because it is more economical OR you may choose to book multiple sessions because there is a “healing journey” you feel guided or inspired to to go on.  Below are a few “healing journeys” that may resonate:

The Soulmate Ascension Project:

This is a healing journey for anyone who is experiencing the pain/fear of being in a soulmate relationship, healing from the loss of a soulmate relationship or endeavoring to have a soulmate relationship. On this journey you will grow to understand the soulmate dynamic in a whole new mind-blowing and expansive way.  You will develop a fine appreciation for the role your soulmates play in your life and you will heal from the connections (past, present and future) as we begin to unwrap the gifts your soulmates offer you.

Learning to Love Yourself

This is a healing journey for anyone on a path to self-discovery and learning to love Self. Perhaps you are trying to find your self-worth, your voice, your likes/dislikes, or your Purpose.  This is a journey that will comfort your mind so that we can heal your spirit.  At the end of this journey, you will know what it feels like to love yourself and to feel your brilliance, your beauty and your light taking the lead in your life.

Healing the Empathic Heart: Codependent No More

This is a healing journey of understanding your empathic gifts and how those gifts have led to a lifetime of conditioning, dependence on other’s energy, giving away of your energy/light and codependency.  On this journey you will not only learn to understand the connection, but we will heal the connection.  It’s a magical journey and an honor to take people on.

Letting Go of Addiction & That Which No Longer Serves You

This is a raw journey, one borne of tuning into the feeling parts of you — the parts of you that were shut off or quieted . . . silenced and forced to escape.  This healing journey is not only about understanding the connection to your addictions and dysfunctions, it’s also about healing the energy associated with why you still need that which you no longer want. This is an extraordinary journey and it will be life-changing.

Living Your Dreams

In this healing journey I am able to see into any blocks that are preventing you from actually living the life you dream for yourself.  We all have dreams and we all have patterns or energies that prevent us from actually experiencing our goals, dreams, desires, etc.  In this “healing journey”, I will be compassionately honest with you regarding the places where you and your energy are sabotaging your future and then we’ll unblock those places and heal those places so that your wildest dreams can come true.

If you’re not sure if your situation or spiritual “craving” is a fit, book a free 30-minute consultation + healing with me and we’ll investigate.
They call me The Spiritual Mediator.
I will go wherever there are families, groups or communities in conflict over issues related to hate, race, intolerance, fear, injustice, ancestral pain, religion, politics etc.
I mediate the tension and create a platform for our differences to be examined, honored, understood, heard and healed.
I’ve always been a powerful mediator and healer and I’m honored that I have the gift to help people to rise above the anger, frustration or pain and find themselves better prepared to understand, expand and heal.  This gift led to a successful business career and now I use the gift to continue changing my life and the lives of others and communities worldwide.
This is a part of my personal peace, world peace and Teaching the World to Love work and so depending on the event, location and circumstance, I endeavor to do this work for free. 
Please contact me directly or book a free consult to discuss.

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As we feel, I write. We heal.

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